Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Artichoke Pythagorum is Tyler Kamen's Album Out Now
Artichoke Pythagorum is Tyler Kamen’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Tyler Kamen is unstopplale, litterally a songs machine, this artist is so creative that keeps releasing one Abum after another and they are all fantastic.

The compositional genius of this artist manages to inspire other artists as well.

Tyler Kamen’s musical vision is complex and sophisticated, he seems to play around with the notes but in reality, it takes years of experience to reach this level of compositional ability.

The new album Artichoke Pythagorum is a hymn to compositional freedom, it is a hymn to music that manages to mix, and make many different genres coexist in a single and coherent musical product.

The performance and interpretation leave you speechless. You are literally submerged by an avalanche of notes, of rhythmic changes…only after several listenings you are able to appreciate all the nuances of this masterpiece.

Absolutely recommended.

Artichoke Pythagorum is Tyler Kamen’s Album Out Now!

Unqiue and Brilliant!


Quote: “A psychedelic prog rock adventure about a village of vegetable gnomes. When their garden is attacked by Dirt Bugs, the gnome king sends a search party to find and bring back a strange artichoke on the outskirts of the forest. The artichoke is said to grant eternal life to those who eat it. Will you help the gnomes bring it back to their village for the solstice bacchanalia?”

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