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Artificial Dance Machine is Adam + Attack By Fire’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Forget your genre playlists, because Adam + Attack By Fire, the brainchild of visionary composer Adam Tarsitano, isn’t here to play by the rules.

Artificial Dance Machine is Adam + Attack By Fire’s Single Out Now

 “Artificial Dance Machine” is a prime example of this unique musical project.

Tarsitano’s ambition is clear: to inspire and forge his own musical limbo.

This single is a hypnotic descent into that world. The bass line thrums with a repetitive, almost ritualistic cadence, while the intense vocals draw the listener into a trance-like state.

It’s like surrendering to a modern oracle, with Adam acting as the portal.

There are echoes of influences of Lou Reed’s, The Doors’ theatrical flair, perhaps even a touch of Beck’s genre-bending spirit.

But to label Adam + Attack By Fire feels like trying to cage a wildfire. This is music that carves its own path.

The beauty lies in the minimalism. No excessive ornamentation here, just the raw power of the composition pulling you in.

And that ending? A sonic guillotine that leaves you wanting more, practically begging you to hit replay.

“Artificial Dance Machine” is an invitation to step outside the usual artistic confines and experience something truly out of the ordinary.


Adam Tarsitano is the singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist behind Adam + Attack by Fire. His songs have been described as circumnavigating “iconic sounds that feel proto punkish and glam and more.” (American Pancake Blog, April 10, 2019). There is “a sense of British rockers like T.Rex, The Kinks, Bowie, and Mott the Hoople.” (American Pancake, April 10, 2019). His sound “has the swirling glam rock styling that endears itself to fans of Bowie or Bolan…” (Austin Town Hall Blog, June 28, 2019).

Veteran rocker Greg Hoy (backup vocals, lead guitar, percussion) recorded and embiggened “The Disease of Knowing” “The Final Show” and “Ramble Cat.” And Special Thanks to Joey Del Duca of the New Jersey Band “Duke Livingston” for playing lead guitar on “Wounded in the War.”
 Adam also collaborated with Joey Del Duca on four songs for a side project under the name “Neon Midnights.”

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