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At Last is Mick J. Clark’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Mick J. Clark’s single “At Last” is yet another example of the artist’s ability to deliver meaningful and thought-provoking songs.

At Last is Mick J. Clark’s Single Out Now

In a world filled with challenges and turmoil, Mick J. Clark’s music resonates by addressing pressing issues and offering a heartfelt perspective on the human condition.

“At Last” is an intense song that captures the complexity of our times. It’s a composition that goes beyond the surface and delves into the deeper issues that humanity faces.

The intricate bass line in the song not only adds depth to the music but also serves as a solid foundation for the song’s rhythm. It impeccably supports the overall arrangement, demonstrating the artist’s skill in crafting compelling music.

Mick J. Clark’s vocal performance is equally solid, delivering the song’s message with authenticity and emotion. The addition of female voices to support the chorus is a brilliant touch, adding layers of depth and harmony to the song.

In “At Last,” Mick J. Clark once again showcases his talent and his commitment to creating music that addresses relevant and important themes.

At Last is Mick J. Clark’s Single Out Now!


At Last is Mick J. Clark’s Single Out Now

I have written songs about how breathtakingly beautiful this Planet is, well my song, ‘At Last’, is a song about how breathtakingly bad some human beings are in this World.
I used to say to my kids ‘one cuts the cake in half and the other one chooses the half that they want !!! Nothing fairer than that, but if there has to be fighting and killing, then not the women and children, that is cruel, barbaric and cowardly, what have the children done to deserve this, they are ‘just children’ for gods sake !!!

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