Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | At The End Of The Sun is FOLD's Album Out Now
At The End Of The Sun is FOLD’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
There’s a spark of hope flickering in the music scene, and it comes courtesy of FOLD.

At The End Of The Sun is FOLD’s Album Out Now

Their album, “At The End Of The Sun,” is a potent shot of 90s grunge, reimagined for a new generation.

FOLD doesn’t simply imitate the flannel-clad giants of the past.

While their sound carries undeniable echoes of Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, and Layne Staley, the band’s is a 2.0 version of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains.

But here’s the twist: FOLD manages to feel fresh and exciting despite its clear inspiration. The production is crisp and modern, giving the classic grunge sound a contemporary edge.

Stephan Alt’s vocals are the album’s anchor. His voice boasts a gritty timbre that perfectly complements the band’s heavy riffs and pounding drums.

It’s clear FOLD has achieved cohesion which speaks volumes about their dedication.

Their musical alchemy is fully displayed throughout “At The End Of The Sun,” creating a unified listening experience.

“When Everything Ends” stands out as a particular highlight. The Alice In Chains-inspired choir vocals intertwine beautifully with the song’s scorching guitar riffs, resulting in a powerful and emotional gut punch.

Every track on the album feels equally strong, a testament to FOLD’s songwriting talent. “At The End Of The Sun” is a breath of fresh air for fans of classic grunge.

It’s a record that honors its influences while creating its own unique path. This is a band to watch, and this album is a must-listen for anyone craving a healthy dose of raw emotion and unbridled energy.

At The End Of The Sun is FOLD’s Album Out Now!


Keep Grunge Music Alive…that’s FOLD’s motto. Shaped by a youth in the early 90s, embodying the spirit of Generation X, and being an active part of the last great wave of rock music innovation, the musicians of FOLD are committed to carrying this sound and ethos into the 2020s.

FOLD are:
Stephan Alt -Vocals
Michael Peidl – Guitar
David Forbes – Guitar
Dirk Nilles – Drums

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