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Attack of the Telephones is Larches’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Larches’ album, “Attack of the Telephones,” stands as a testament to the band’s commitment to quality music.

Attack of the Telephones is Larches’ Album Out Now

The album impresses with its exceptional melody, well-crafted chord progressions, and dynamic range. Larches demonstrates their talent for creating ethereal and innovative music, boldly venturing into uncharted musical territories.

The album unfolds as a journey into the unexplored. While hints of the past linger in the psychedelic vibes, Larches skillfully transforms these influences into something entirely innovative.

The result is a musical limbo that possesses a unique and distinct identity.

Each track on the album contributes to the kaleidoscopic personality of Larches, showcasing their ability to navigate a diverse sonic landscape.

The songs stand as solid compositions, highlighting the band’s skillful execution. The evident chameleonic nature of their music suggests a band that has invested considerable time in the rehearsal room, honing their craft to achieve an enviable musical alchemy.

Larches emerges as a band worth following for their commitment to quality music.

“Attack of the Telephones” is not just an album; it’s an immersive experience that invites listeners to join Larches on their sonic exploration.

Attack of the Telephones is Larches’ Album Out Now!

Enviable Alchemy!

Attack of the Telephones is Larches’ Album Out Now

Larches is a project of Jacob Cona, a musician raised in Athens, GA, the home of Elephant 6, R.E.M., and the B-52’s. After several productive years beginning at the start of the pandemic, Jacob emerged from a bedroom-turned-home studio with music documenting a hallucinogenic landscape of isolation, loneliness, and hope, inhabited by painted corpses, cowering gods, and friends transformed into telephones. With their debut album ‘Attack of the Telephones’, Larches welcomes you into a strange and enigmatic world where the mundane morphs into the surreal.

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