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ATTRACTION is Wild Horse’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Wild Horse’s latest single, “ATTRACTION,” is a mesmerizing musical journey that captivates from the very first note. What immediately stands out is the unique vocal timbre that graces this track.

ATTRACTION is Wild Horse’s Single Out Now

The lead singer possesses a “lolita”, ethereal voice that not only defines the band’s signature sound but also adds a layer of intrigue and allure to the song.

The arrangements in “ATTRACTION” are refined. The intricate instrumentation and well-thought-out composition showcase the band’s musical skills.

The song effortlessly blends various elements to create a catchy and immersive sonic tapestry. It’s the kind of tune that lingers in your mind long after the music has stopped.

One of the remarkable qualities of this single is its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and anticipation.

Like an equinox, “ATTRACTION” seamlessly transitions between the end of summer’s warmth and the mysterious unknown of the coming season.

The production quality of this track is top-notch, as expected from Wild Horse.

Their consistency in delivering professional-grade recordings is commendable. Each member of the band contributes their talents to create a cohesive and polished sound.

The performance is solid, with every instrument and vocal part blending harmoniously.

ATTRACTION is Wild Horse’s Single Out Now!


ATTRACTION is Wild Horse’s Single Out Now

Wild Horse has been continuously touring & gigging all year throughout England whilst still writing, recording & releasing new material, there are few harder working bands. “ATTRACTION” once again displays the strength of their talent & shows that they are not fixed to one genre.

Wild Horse are an indie trio whose funked up guitar pop flows with the exuberant energy of kids who grew up listening to hip hop beats and classic 60s/70s Brit Rock vinyl’s. Wild Horse sound like what putting on a new suit and pouring a long drink for a crazy night out feels like.

Formed by brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and best mate from primary school Ed Barnes in Sussex, Southern England, they have been relentlessly gigging since their teens. Still only just into their 20s, the guys have recorded many great tracks earning enthusiastic support in BBC Intros, BBC local shows, RadioX, Caroline, Amazing and many other local FM & internet stations around the world.

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