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Aware Of The Wolf is Chris Wirsig’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Chris Wirsig’s musical talent and vision has already captivated me in the past with its depth and intricacy, and his latest venture, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for “Aware Of The Wolf,” further solidifies his reputation as a master of atmospheric composition.

Aware Of The Wolf is Chris Wirsig’s Album Out Now

This album offers a haunting journey into darkness, filled with sinister tones and intense emotions.

From the opening notes, it’s clear that “Aware Of The Wolf” is not an ordinary soundtrack; it’s a sonic odyssey that transports listeners into a realm of twilight atmospheres and palpable tension.

Wirsig’s ability to create such immersive soundscapes is remarkable, drawing the listener into a world where the fog hangs thick and unseen eyes watch from the shadows.

The interplay of piano and ambient elements throughout the album is particularly striking. At times, the piano serves as a comforting presence, like a gentle caress in the midst of chaos.

Yet, as the cold wind sweeps in, it carries with it a sense of foreboding, reminding us that danger lurks just beyond the next note.

What sets “Aware Of The Wolf” apart is its gradual crescendo towards a climactic peak, expertly crafted by Wirsig.

Each track builds upon the last, weaving a narrative that culminates in the title track, a haunting masterpiece that leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s psyche.

Listening to Wirsig’s music is like embarking on a psychedelic journey. With each note, you’re transported to another dimension, where the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur.

Moreover, Wirsig’s music serves to enhance the atmosphere of the film it accompanies.

“Aware Of The Wolf” is a journey through a dark forest at night, where every sound is a potential threat and every shadow hides a secret.

For fans of dark, atmospheric soundtracks, this album is not to be missed.

Aware Of The Wolf is Chris Wirsig’s Album Out Now!


Chris Wirsig is an award-winning composer, songwriter and producer, who enjoyed classical training on piano and saxophone, studied audio engineering at SAE Technology College, and has more than 20 years experience in music production. His music can be heard in the award-winning documentary series “Halloween Obsessed,” the vampire feature “The Things We Cannot Change,” several short movies, the comedy feature “39 And A Half,” as well as in games like the acclaimed Top Ten iPad game “Alien Tribe 2,” and in numerous TV shows on ABC, E!, MTV, History, Oxygen, Fox Sports, and many others. Current and upcoming projects include the pilot for an LGBTQ+ animated comedy series, “Be More Popcorn,” the cyberpunk boxing drama “Steel Will,” a tech-horror series pilot, “Glitch,” and charity projects with cover versions of Depeche Mode’s “People Are People” with 36 musicians and singers, and a Heavy Metal version of the Ukrainian National Anthem benefitting the Red Cross.

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