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Away is Ceci Noir’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Ceci Noir’s single “Away,” a precursor to her upcoming full album “Voltage Valleys,” introduces listeners to an intriguing musical journey.

Away is Ceci Noir’s New Single

The artist’s name itself carries a noir ambiance adding an intriguing layer to her persona.

The standout feature of Ceci Noir’s sound is the infusion of retro rock vibes inspired by the ’90s. This choice lends her music a genuine and straightforward quality while simultaneously feeling modern and relevant.

The artist successfully navigates the delicate balance between nostalgia and contemporary innovation.

Ceci Noir’s vocal prowess is a highlight, with a distinctive timbre that sets her music apart from the crowd. The fantastic chord progression and mesmerizing guitar solos in “Away” demonstrate her meticulous approach to songcraft.

The intensity of the track is perfectly balanced, creating a dynamic listening experience.

The unexpected finale is a masterstroke, transforming the song into something ethereal and hypnotic. This departure from the expected adds a layer of complexity to the composition, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

“With Away,” Ceci Noir has crafted an intense and well-crafted track that showcases her musical depth and artistry.

Ceci Noir emerges as an artist to follow, offering a unique blend of retro influences and modern sensibilities, making her a distinctive voice in the musical panorama.

Away is Ceci Noir’s New Single!


Away is Ceci Noir’s New Single

Ceci Noir is the stage name of Cecilia Norberg from Ludvika in Sweden, whose new single “Away” looks back to the 90s when she was born in the middle of grunge rock’s dominance. However, it took many years before she discovered the genre for real as a teenager when she played some simple Nirvana chord progressions on her guitar at home in her room. The song “Away” was written a long time ago and now many years later it is finally being released in a modern production.

Ceci Noir says: “I wanted to create something that pays tribute to the grunge era while still appealing to today’s audience and I’m delighted with how the song has been received so far“.

That it was wise to give the song a new life was immediately apparent when “Away” was already played on radio P4 Dalarna in October and Ceci Noir has been interviewed on the radio about the song and received the title “Dala Artist of the Week”. The song was recorded in “Valley Sound Studio” in Borlänge Rock City. But Ceci Noir is already looking far beyond the borders of Dalarna and Sweden.

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