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Back Home is Patrick Doval’s Single & Video is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Patrick Doval’s single “Back Home” exudes an intriguing blend of psychedelic vibes with a modern twist.

Back Home is Patrick Doval’s Single & Video is Out Now

The song skillfully looks back at the past while maintaining a fresh and contemporary sound.

The infusion of gothic rock nuances, reminiscent of The Cure, adds an intriguing layer to the overall composition.

One of the standout features of the track is its ability to mix positive vibes with a light twilight atmosphere, resulting in a distinctive musical blend.

Patrick Doval’s compositional talent shines through, demonstrating his ability to write music.

The rhythmic session, impeccably supported by Pete Parada, showcases the drummer’s vast experience, particularly drawing on his time with The Offspring.

Parada’s contribution adds a polished and well-executed foundation to the song, enhancing its overall impact.

The accompanying music video adds another dimension to the experience, cleverly combining a scrolling film with cool frames of Doval walking around.

The highlight, capturing Doval breaking his guitar like a seasoned rock star, adds a touch of charisma to the visual storytelling.

Back Home is Patrick Doval’s Single & Video is Out Now!


Back Home is Patrick Doval’s Single & Video is Out Now

“My new song “Back Home” was written by me and the music video was directed by me. I managed to get Pete Parada the former drummer from the band “The Offspring” to play drums on the song and he is featured in the music video!”

Patrick Doval is a multifaceted artist with a track record to prove it. Since 2008, he has independently released 6-albums and 22-music videos. This vast body of work highlights Patrick’s endless musical and visual creative inspiration.

Patrick’s work has garnered a lot of attention from the art world. A number of his music videos have been showcased at premier contemporary art stages including Art Basel, and the Wynwood Arts District of Miami’s Curator’s Voice Art Projects. The Miami, FL-based singer/songwriter and producer recently exhibited select pieces from his “Lovers” series alongside Hollywood photographer, Robert Zuckerman during Art Basel 2017.

Doval’s sound, vision, and voice draw comparisons to The Cure, David Bowie, The Smiths & Jeff Buckley. In 2016, Doval released his “Obscured” album, with the lead single “Sugarless Candy”, debuting at # 164 on the FMQB radio charts and received numerous adds across U.S. radio stations; even climbing the charts for 14-straight weeks. The single peaked at #27 on the FMQB AC40 charts & spent 20 weeks in the top 100. His 20th music video, “Crush” (2017) premiered on New Noise Magazine.com and was featured on C-Heads Magazine video playlist. Later that year, his “Lover” music video premiered on Toronto Canada’s website, Pure Grain Audio and his latest work “In You” (2018) premiered on Groundsounds.com and was featured in several online blogs and magazines. Patrick Doval is a creative well-spring that continuously produces a genuine, inventive take on indie rock.

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