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Back To The Roots is Luca Burgalassi’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Luca Burgalassi’s album “Back To The Roots” is a musical journey that transports listeners to the Appalachian mountains, enriched with an Italian flavor that sets this artist apart.

Back To The Roots is Luca Burgalassi’s Album Out Now

The fusion of influences in this album, drawing from traditional American music and infusing it with European vibes, creates a unique and refined sound.

Burgalassi’s folk music pays homage to the roots of traditional American sounds, but his distinctive touch introduces a European flair, resulting in a harmonious blend that feels innovative.

The album exhibits glimpses of blues and jazz elements, coupled with avant-garde touches, showcasing the artist’s willingness to explore diverse musical territories.

The depth of Burgalassi’s experience and his fantastic knowledge of musical technique shines through in each track.

The impeccable melodic designs of his guitar and the thoughtful chord progressions and dynamics contribute to the album’s overall sophistication. The execution is precise, revealing an artist who has honed his craft over years of dedicated exploration.

“Back To The Roots” is a gem that weaves together various musical styles, highlighting Luca Burgalassi’s exceptional compositional talent.

The album invites repeated listens, encouraging listeners to savor the intricate details, much like sipping a glass of aged whiskey.

Back To The Roots is Luca Burgalassi’s Album Out Now!


Luca Burgalassi, guitarist, composer, singer-songwriter, born and raised in Tuscany – Italy, began studying music at the age of 6, writing and performing his songs live by the age of 12. He graduated summa cum laude in acoustic guitar at the Lizard Academy of Fiesole (Florence) with Giovanni Unterberger, then he undertook advanced studies with Franco D’Andrea, Franco Morone, Armando Corsi, Steve Trovato, Mike Stern and Franco Mussida.

He studied folk and country blues techniques, open tunings and traditional folk instruments, lap steel guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin and harmonica. He has taken part in many different projects and productions, performing live at festivals and theaters throughout Italy and Europe (Pistoia Blues 2017).

Luca published four solo records: “Shadows and Fragments” 2015, “Windward” 2016, “On The Other Side Of The Water” 2019. “Come To My World” 2020. He moved to Virginia (USA) in 2016, where he joined the local music environment, taking part in music festivals, radio and TV shows, and released two original solo records. He returned to Italy in 2020 after the pandemic and in May 2023 he released the single “Finding Love Again” that anticipates his new solo album “Back To The Roots”.

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