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Back where I belong is Janeuary’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Entering the ethereal realm of Janeuary’s new single, “Back Where I Belong,” is like embarking on oneiric journey.

Back where I belong is Janeuary’s Single Out Now

Her music casts a spell, drawing listeners into a world of enchantment reminiscent of the sirens’ song in Homer’s Odyssey.

Janeuary’s compositional style is sublime… intricate melodies that can elevate the spirit to heavenly heights.

With each chord progression and lyrical turn, she guides the listener on a transcendental voyage, leaving behind the mundane and entering a realm of pure bliss.

Central to this sonic odyssey is Janeuary’s remarkable voice, a celestial instrument that transports the listener to a parallel universe.

In the accompanying video, where the singer and violinist are suspended in a metaphysical limbo, one can’t help but feel entranced by the sheer beauty and grace emanating from the screen.

Behind the enchanting vocals lie solid arrangements that showcase Janeuary’s profound musical acumen and compositional skills.

Every element, from the delicate piano melodies to the soaring strings results in a symphonic masterpiece that resonates with the soul.

“Back Where I Belong” is more than just music; it’s a gift—a delicate representation of love in its truest essence.

Through Janeuary’s artistry, listeners are invited to experience the transformative power of music, transcending earthly boundaries and embracing the divine.

Back where I belong is Janeuary’s Single Out Now!


Janeuary is an independent alternative/neoclassical composer and singer based in Ukraine. Her music is deep and philosophical. She is very sincere with her listeners; every note comes from the depth of her heart and soul.

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