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Bakersfield is Barry Muir’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bakersfield, the latest album by Barry Muir, is a gateway to a perfectly crafted album reminiscent of classic Rock and Americana.

Bakersfield is Barry Muir’s Album Out Now

The influence of Eric Clapton and John Mellencamp is undeniable, with a touch of the Eagles soaring through the meticulously arranged work.

Muir’s music possesses a remarkable quality – it’s curative. The emphasis on high frequencies makes the lyrics resonate deeply, their intensity (think themes of addiction) somehow balanced by a hopeful undercurrent.

This hopeful spirit is a hallmark of Muir’s songwriting, even when tackling difficult subjects.

The arrangements are tight, the solos expertly delivered, creating a listening experience that’s refined and deeply satisfying.

The accompanying video for “Waiting For The Sunrise” perfectly complements the song’s message. We see Muir’s raw passion intercut with visuals depicting a man at a crossroads, inviting the listener into his world.

It’s clear that Muir is an artist who wants to connect, not just through music, but visually as well.

A personal highlight is “Seeing Red,” where Muir injects a reggae-tinged cadence, showcasing again his ability to blend uplifting melodies with introspective lyrics.

This track exemplifies Muir’s signature songwriting style: a thoughtful blend of optimism and reflection.

If you’re searching for music that heals, inspires, and takes you on a journey, Barry Muir is an artist well worth exploring.

Bakersfield is Barry Muir’s Album Out Now!


Bakersfield is Barry Muir’s Album Out Now

“Bakersfield” to my ear anyway, is my most ambitious album. I’ve been writing with Joanne Stacey and Lucy LeBlanc now for years and I feel we’ve come along way in all aspects of songwriting. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to come up with ten songs to complete an album. It seemed to take a crazy amount of songs until we had enough. Now days it seems like every song we write has merits but even now, we still need at least thirty or forty songs to pick from.

This album has a broader mix of themes than past albums. There’s still the classic relationship songs such as Show Me The Way, Worn Down To Nothing, and You Are My Sun. The title track Bakersfield is about drug addiction and wanting to find a way out, Room With A View is about having a phobia of leaving your home. Time Keeps Going On is about reminiscing. There’s even a song about being spied on in Seeing Red.

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