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Battle is Sergey Rybytskyy’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sergey Rybytskyy’s latest single, “Battle,” is a breathtaking example of his virtuosity and compositional talent.

Battle is Sergey Rybytskyy’s Single Out Now

The song blends classical music with modern instrumentation, resulting in a genre-bending prog-rock masterpiece.

From the outset, “Battle” captivates with its intricate and layered composition. Rybytskyy masterfully orchestrates a dialogue between the guitar and keys, creating a complex sound.

The sinuous solos that weave throughout the song are mesmerizing, showcasing Rybytskyy’s technical brilliance and musicality.

As the song progresses, it takes on an epic and sometimes sinister tone, reminiscent of the iconic “Phantom of the Opera.” The rhythmic and harmonic variations are relentless, keeping the listener engaged and enthralled throughout the entire journey.

The production of “Battle” is impeccable. Every instrument is crystal clear and perfectly balanced, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the intricacies of Rybytskyy’s composition.

The overall soundscape is immersive and cinematic, bringing the listener right into the heart of the musical battle.

This is a song that will be on repeat for years to come.

Battle is Sergey Rybytskyy’s Single Out Now!


Battle is Sergey Rybytskyy’s Single Out Now

Sergiy Rybytskyy is a neo-classical composer. The piano lured him in at the tender age of seven.

He pursued the instrument like the famous character in “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. He followed that call like the latter followed the heartbeat under the floorboards! That haunting call has never left Rybytskyy. Instead of attempting to resist the attraction, he allowed it to run wild.

Rybytskyy’s musical influences cover a vast range, from J.S. Bach to Krzysztof Penderecki and Marty Friedman. The primary drive of his music is to create an emotional experience for the listener. His sound is original, lively, and refined.

While his main goal is to compose soundtracks, Rybytskyy’s music tells a unique story.

His main instrument is the keyboard. Still, there is also a variety of other instruments in his works. This allows him to get a wide range of sounds to create a palpable atmosphere. The sound invites the listener to escape into the artist’s musical world. Sergiy signed many non-exclusive and exclusive deals. This means that he collaborates with publishers and music libraries for commercial use. Sergiy keeps creating amazing cinematic songs, soundtracks, and compositions for music libraries represented by BMG and APM. He also composes for boutique music companies. Still, Sergiy is always willing to work on new music, putting his impressive passion and skills first. Find more info here: https://ffm.bio/rybytskyy

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