Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Beach Foam (Summer Breeze Mix) is Lovesick's Single Out Now
Beach Foam (Summer Breeze Mix) is Lovesick’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Lovesick’s rendition of “Beach Foam,” originally by Future Islands, is a captivating musical experience that offers a fresh perspective on the song.

Beach Foam (Summer Breeze Mix) is Lovesick’s Single Out Now

The divergence from the original, characterized by its acidic and intense nature, towards a more psychedelic and folk-infused sound, is a bold and creative move that pays off remarkably well.

What stands out most in this cover is the evocative nostalgia it manages to convey. The new musical blend envelops the listener in a dreamy, almost otherworldly atmosphere.

This sense of nostalgia lends a deeper emotional dimension to the track, making it resonate in a different, but equally powerful way.

Beyond the music itself, it’s worth mentioning the artistic and original concept of the music video, “Saving a Mermaid.” It’s a testament to Lovesick’s creativity and dedication to their craft.

The video enhances the overall experience, adding an extra layer of intrigue and visual storytelling to the song.

Beach Foam (Summer Breeze Mix) is Lovesick’s Single Out Now!


Goolkasian, also know as The Texas Governor, of the notorious & cutting edge trio, The Elevator Drops, is back with new music. LOVESICK, a creative collaboration with painter & chanteuse Heather Joy Morgan – The Live band also features Adam Wade of the Funeral Party and Palana of (Palana vs the Man) An overdose of inventive love songs exploring the splendor & madness of love.

A creative Rock & Roll experiment. A light & dark electro-cabaret. Lovesick’s debut release, “…hoping this is the end…”, was written and recorded in the anxiety of pandemic isolation and yet it feels free-spirited and fun.

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