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Beautiful Things is Red Skies Mourning’s Cover Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Benson Boone’s “Beautiful Things” gets a stunning makeover courtesy of Red Skies Mourning. This isn’t your typical cover; it’s a full-blown reimagining.

Beautiful Things is Red Skies Mourning’s Cover Single Out Now

Red Skies Mourning strips away the original’s rock/pop sheen, replacing it with an alternative ethereal, intense, and uplifting outfit.

The atmosphere is the real star here. Gone are the acoustic flourishes, replaced by a swirling vortex of grooves and ethereal synths. It’s a musical landscape that feels modern and timeless, pushing the song into a future it was never intended for.

But here’s the thing: despite the dramatic shift, the core of “Beautiful Things” remains. The raw emotion of the lyrics shines through, amplified by Red Skies Mourning’s fierce performance.

This shows the strength of the songwriting that it can translate so convincingly across such different genres.

This cover is a rebirth. Red Skies Mourning has taken “Beautiful Things” and breathed new life into it, proving that great songs have the potential to evolve and surprise us in unexpected ways.

Beautiful Things is Red Skies Mourning’s Cover Single Out Now!


Beautiful Things is Red Skies Mourning’s Cover Single Out Now

A solo artist and multi-instrumentalist, he is one of the finest examples of a musician searching for his groove, and arriving in the moment with a new sound that transcends all his previous work. From a US Marine to the stage, he is greater than the sum of all of his parts and an artist on the cusp of individual greatness. Making music is never an overnight process. It takes years and many stops and starts to discover the right mix that reflects the full palette of experience. Red Mourning Skies aka Chris Aleshire is no different.

His deep-seated love for Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop and R&B is now seeing him produce exquisite Rock/Pop songs that are simply outstanding. Based out of Bowie Maryland, he played in Metal, Hardcore and Rock bands including Carved In Stone, Erase The Past and Taken by Force and performed at iconic venues CBGBs (NYC), Nations (DC) and The Underworld (London). From his stunning debut ‘Signs From You’, to his latest ‘Lost Without You’, he is now crafting songs that weave harmonies and melodies with his warm enchanting vocals. Displaying all the credentials of an artist at the top of their game, his music is intelligent, authentic and still retains the rock swagger he is known for. Heralding a brilliant new dawn that will wash over audiences in ways unimagined, Red Mourning Skies has built a place where everyone can bask in the unique genius of his work. 
Inspired by: Chris CornellTwenty One PilotsPost MaloneAJRMarshmello.

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