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Been There Done That is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
the intro of “Been There Done That” by Matt DeAngelis is a soulful journey that reminded me of a classic hit like “Easy Like Sunday Morning”.

Been There Done That is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

 Matt De Angelis’ song is more introspective and deep but the sound, at least at the beginning, made me think of that legendary song.

Then when the Vox kicks in listeners are transported to a realm of refined melodies and harmonies, much like the timeless tunes of Elton John.

DeAngelis’ vocals channel a similar emotive power, evoking the spirit of legendary artists while maintaining his own unique style.

The song’s construction with its refined arrangements builds an inspiring, theatrical atmosphere.

The saxophone solo adds a touch of brilliance, sending shivers down the spine, while the heavenly choirs elevate the song to new heights with each “uuuu” from DeAngelis.

Beyond the audio experience, the accompanying music video is fantastic, capturing the passion and dedication DeAngelis pours into his craft.

It’s evident that every aspect, from the music to the visuals, is studied to create an outstanding and unforgettable artistic expression.

In “Been There Done That,” Matt DeAngelis proves himself to be again a true musical virtuoso.

Been There Done That is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now!


Been There Done That is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

This is a song I wrote to inspire people to keep moving forward in their lives despite the struggles they have endured in the past. Through trial and error, we learn from our mistakes and become better people from it. I am an advocate for peace and am on a mission to spread hope and encouragement through my music.

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