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Believe It is Easy Tiger Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Easy Tiger is a band that immediately catches the ear with a sound that’s not just interesting but downright intriguing.

Believe It is Easy Tiger Single Out Now

What sets them apart is their masterful use of high frequencies, creating a modern and refreshing musical experience that carries subtle hints of the ’80s.

It’s evident that these musicians have dedicated countless hours in the rehearsal room to craft their unique sonic alchemy.

The band’s single, “Believe It,” shows their talent. The song possesses a pulse, a rhythm that’s both urgent and captivating.

It’s impossible not to feel the groove and energy that courses through the track. The carefully selected sound choices and meticulous mixing work together to create an overall impression that’s decidedly modern.

One standout element of “Believe It” is the generous use of reverb, especially in the guitar solo. It creates an ethereal halo around the music, adding a layer of depth and ambiance that enhances the listening experience.

The effect on the vocals is also worth noting; it evokes a mood reminiscent of the Daft Punk or Pet Shop Boys. When combined with the rest of the musical elements, it weaves a truly fascinating musical universe.

Their fusion of retro vibes and modern production techniques creates a unique sound and musical vision.

If you’re in search of music that takes you on a journey through time while keeping your feet firmly planted in the here and now, Easy Tiger’s sound is one you’ll want to believe in.

Believe It is Easy Tiger Single Out Now!


Easy Tiger is a 3-time grant award winner from the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Easy Tiger was previously called Lackluster, played all over the United States, and was licensed by Red Bull and MTV, before changing their name to Easy Tiger… both as a nod to Portugal the Man and a decidedly more chill approach to writing.

Jonathan has also spent the last 7 years building and programming a huge laser light synchronized to every last beat. It’s on par with any show you’re likely to see anywhere, and really sets Easy Tiger apart!


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