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Ben Tucker’s Titled Ep is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ben Tucker explodes onto the scene with his self-titled EP, showcasing a voice that demands attention.

Ben Tucker’s Titled Ep is Out Now

 From the opening notes, his vocals entertain – epic in tone yet brimming with warm nuance. Every lyric he delivers carries an air of conviction.

The songwriting throughout the EP is solid. Impeccable chord progressions provide the foundation for masterful performances, creating a sound that evokes the vast American landscape.

Comparisons to Johnny Cash are sure to arise, but Tucker expertly carves his own musical limbo with a unique delivery.

“Gambling Man” is a clear standout, its fast-paced energy perfectly complementing the narrative woven into the lyrics.

 “Beavercreek,” on the other hand, reveals a more introspective side of Tucker, showcasing a nostalgic and more introspective facet of his artistry.

This self-titled EP is a true hidden gem, a remarkable find for those seeking authentic Americana music. Ben Tucker’s voice is a force to be reckoned with, and his songwriting talent is rare.

This is an artist you won’t want to miss – highly recommended for all fans of classic country and heartfelt storytelling.

Ben Tucker’s Titled Ep is Out Now!


If Tucker’s musical stylings feel at home on a guitar that’s because he has been playing since the age of 8, and writing since 11. Music provided Tucker something solid to hold on to through the tumultuous life journey. He first played in the synthpop duo The Fizzgigs until after university he formed the garage rock band Albino, with who he has toured extensively.

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