Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Beneath the Big Top is Prince of Sweden's Album Out Now
Beneath the Big Top is Prince of Sweden’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Prince of Sweden’s “Beneath the Big Top” is an immersive experience, which I recommend everyone to undertake.

Beneath the Big Top is Prince of Sweden’s Album Out Now

From the very first notes of “Electric Blue,” the atmosphere is unique and electric.

This isn’t background music and it demands your full attention. It’s a meticulously crafted universe. Lush lyrics intertwine with captivating melodies, creating a truly “fascinating musical product.”

The album shifts gears towards more alternative rock with “Lonesome Fairground,”. In contrast, “Garrison Lane” takes a dreamy, ethereal turn, evoking hazy Super 8 memories.

“In The Mood For Love” showcases Prince of Sweden’s vocal versatility. His deep baritone soars effortlessly into higher registers, perfectly complemented by a heart-wrenchingly beautiful cello solo.

A sense of thematic cohesion permeates the entire album. Each song feels connected, a testament to the artist’s singular vision.

Prince of Sweden’s unique vocal quality and compositional talent spark the imagination, transporting the listener to a world entirely their own.

Comparisons to Nick Cave are inevitable, but Prince of Sweden has carved his own distinct path.

The final five tracks cement this notion, leaving you with a feeling of profound satisfaction and a yearning to hit repeat.

“Beneath the Big Top” is an invitation to escape reality and step into a parallel universe crafted by a truly gifted artist. It’s an unforgettable journey that deserves a prominent place in your music collection.

Beneath the Big Top is Prince of Sweden’s Album Out Now!


Beneath the Big Top is Prince of Sweden’s Album Out Now

After his last EP, “Kicking out Time”, was released, Prince of Sweden was featured in Clash magazine and, according to one reviewer, his lyrics and songwriting are “second to none in terms of the UK scene right now.”

Brought up in the country, he learned guitar from the guy with the farm opposite his house. In his early twenties, he moved to South London and has been consistently playing shows and releasing music ever since.

“With a voice capable of speaking directly to the soul”, Prince of Sweden deals in timeless-songwriting and poetic lyricism, over an experimental, post rock sound.

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