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Beyond that Wall is Despite the Wane’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Despite the Wane isn’t your typical rock band. Their album, “Beyond the Wall,” is a hauntingly beautiful mix of influences, creating a unique sound.

Beyond that Wall is Despite the Wane’s Album Out Now

Lead singer Mir Kollins’ vocals have a dark charisma, reminiscent of Nick Cave at his most brooding.

The music itself leans heavily on Radiohead’s atmospheric sensibilities, with complex chord progressions and a steady, driving rhythm section.

The album artwork is a dead giveaway for their aesthetic leanings. Think John Carpenter chills, with a touch of 80s horror thrown in. It perfectly sets the mood for the music within a dystopian soundscape with a retro twist.

“Beyond the Wall,” the title track, is a standout. It’s a full-throttle rocker with a dark, swirling atmosphere. The guitar work is phenomenal – searing solos punctuate the tight rhythm section, which locks in like a well-oiled machine.

But “Beyond the Wall” is more than that. Tracks like “A Letter” and “Epilogue” showcase the band’s introspective side, with slower tempos and more emotional vocals.

There’s a genuine sense of vulnerability here, a stark contrast to the driving energy of other songs.

Despite the Wane have crafted a truly unique album with “Beyond the Wall.” It’s a record that rewards repeated listens, with hidden depths waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re a fan of Nick Cave’s brooding intensity or Radiohead’s atmospheric rock, this is a record you won’t want to miss.

Beyond that Wall is Despite the Wane’s Album Out Now!


Beyond that Wall is Despite the Wane’s Album Out Now

Despite The Wane” is a band based in Rome, Italy. They bring forth their project with enthusiasm and determination, no matter the cynicism and the aloof attitude of the professionals in the music sector. The awareness of the quality of their music and the desire to bring it to an interested and open-minded audience have always supported their ambition. The band revolves around the two original members: Mir Kollins (the project’s creator), vocals and synths, author and arranger and Max Dury, lead guitar, sheer technique, magnetic touch, and accurate ear. Together, they create, play, arrange and produce their songs.

Their sound recalls the British New Wave and elicits progressive, alternative, gothic, and electronic rock suggestions. The focus on the lyrics is utterly paramount: the words are sustained by creative melody lines, powerful guitar riffs mark the most relevant passages, and the deep, enticing leading voice stands out for its evocative capacity. At the very heart of their songs, indeed, you can feel the search for an answer, the inner journey as a metaphor for a change, the need to know and understand the mystery of life, the hurting for a loss, and the determination to rise against the incomprehensible suffering of the human condition. In their productions there is no nostalgia but a constant curiosity toward the present and the urgency to connect honestly and open-heartedly with their audience.

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