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BFF is I am the Unicorn Head’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
this time I am the Unicorn Head are dealing with the devil, this story couldn’t be more interesting than this.

These guys are truly amazing.

They have such magical, extravagant creativity and vision that always leaves me speechless. How do they come up with such brilliant ideas?

I don’t know why but as soon as I heard the lyrics of this song I thought about Paris Hilton and the television series she did in 2008 My New BFF.

In those rich and superficial girls, I have always seen a dark and satanic side…maybe Beelzebub has always been a good friend of the blonde diva.

I am the Unicorn Head always manage to stimulate my imagination by creating incredible weird scenarios. A band capable of inspiring with their great creativity and talent.

A beautiful song that I recommend to everyone.

BFF is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single Out Now!

Weirdly Fascinating!


Quote: “In these extremely troubled times, I am the Unicorn Head have tried to put a smile on faces with their catchy, tongue in cheek new single ‘BFF’. If only for a few minutes!
The track is a take on the age old tale of selling your soul to the devil. In this case to avoid crippling loneliness, so there is an underlying social message as well. This song has a real earworm of a chorus that will stay with the listener for a long time!”

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