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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Big Fun

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Big Fun. I discovered this Band while shuffling songs on Spotify and I liked their unique way of composing music.

The sound of this band catches you immediately and is so different and unique that it intrigues you from the very first notes.

A compositional style that manages to mix the eighties with today’s music.

These guys managed to find an enviable balance and in their musical recipe, they found all the right ingredients to create something different from what we are used to listening to.

A band that seems to have very clear ideas on how to present itself to the masses, even the videos and the graphics show a very complete vision of the entire musical project.

A band to watch, these guys are talented and make great music. There are all the ingredients for success.

Rubberband is Big Fun’s Single Out Now!

Eclectic and Courageous!


Quote: “Rubberband is the Music Video for the single off our upcoming album Oogley Boogley coming June 5th!

This song itself has a synth-rocky dance punk flavor. The video follows the three members of the band; Nasty, Bing-Bong, And Beef Angel, down a portal into ‘Rubber-World’ where they come face to with the Rubber Band. In this video the Rubber Band is also symbolized by the VR goggles that the ‘Rubber Girls’ strap on the bands faces-and represents both the grip that the internet and technology has on our brains (like elastic tightly wrapped around our head, in this case the VR headset) and humanities inclination towards group-think (like everyone following the instructions to a dance move)”.

Find Big Fun Here:


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