Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Birds Are A Lie is The Cookie Jar Complot's Single Out Now
Birds Are A Lie is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
the unstoppable creativity of this duo manifests itself again with a song title that immediately intrigued me…Birds Are A Lie.

Birds Are A Lie is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Single Out Now

The first question I asked myself was…if Birds Are A Lie why am I flying now listening to this music?

Then I gave myself the answer. Since I’m not a bird this duo is right and I’ve come to believe that birds are created by my imagination in the same way I feel like flying while listening to a song I like.

The intricate melodic and rhythmic cadence of this song is truly on another level.

This music contains within itself so many brilliant nuances that at least 5 listenings are recommended to begin to understand its essence.

Superb production, sublime harmonic variations, and extraordinary sound research.

The ending when the guitars play at different octaves creates a mystically nostalgic feeling that makes you want to hit the play button one more time.

Birds Are A Lie is The Cookie Jar Complot‘s Single Out Now!

Pure Art!

Birds are a Lie is a whirldwind of syncopated math rock guitar riffs, with a post rock hymn bubbling just beneath the surface. The pulsating tempo of the song builds up to the beat of thrashing drums and snappy guitar rythms, every once in a while offering respite in a oasis of soothing shimmer reverb moments. If you’re craving a fast-paced math-rock toe-tapper, this is the song for you.

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