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Birds Aren’t Real is Shaven Primates’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is Shaven Primates and their album Birds Aren’t Real.

Birds Aren’t Real is Shaven Primates’ Album Out NowBirds Aren't Real is Shaven Primates' Album Out Now

I was impressed with this musical project. This band has something to say, deep concepts are expressed in the lyrics of these songs.

This is perhaps the biggest difference between American and European music. There is a greater depth in the words and a constant search for dialogue that I have found much less in American bands.

Obviously, you cannot generalize but I believe that in percentage this is one of the most notable differences between the two musical cultures.

We live in a scary world where weird social problems are emerging.

There is a plan by the powerful of the world to change the society in which we live. The dogmas on which Western society was based are under attack, especially the family. The media and social media try to impose a common thought that recalls the dictatorial movements of the past.

In these songs, there is all this addressed in a mature and coherent way.

Shaven Primates demonstrate an out-of-the-ordinary attention and culture, not only musically speaking. This is why their sound stands out from the crowd.

The music and arrangements are inspired by the past with vintage synths that reminded me of the 80s and psychedelic melodic lines typical of the 70s.

I recommend everyone to listen to this album several times and sip it like a glass of aged whiskey to savor the numerous nuances and ingenious intuitions.

Birds Aren’t Real is Shaven Primates’ Album Out Now!


We are a 5-piece dark-wave, art-rock, proto/post-punk band that seeks to push the boundaries of the genre. Our music is a narrative of human emotion and experience: fear, love and anger resonate through the orchestration, giving our audience a deeply cathartic release. We have rumbling, grinding bass, wailing guitars and synths that flit between retro and modern, thundering, rolling drums and crooning, screaming vocals. We are guided by the Velvet Underground, Kate Bush, Tool, Prodigy, Yes, Clash, Bowie, Porcupine Tree, and Pink Floyd, and by our own will for making music we love.

After spending 5 years writing the epic life story album that was “Child Of Dirt”, we needed to write something from scratch that was an introspective on the world, this time on “alt thought”, a spin on the mesh of madness spread across the world in war, propaganda, lies, slander, hate, denial, and conspiracy. We wrote 3 songs around this along with 2 more on a perspective on the suicide of someone close, and the experiences of growing up in school with a mind that isn’t compatible. This became the album: “Birds Aren’t Real”.

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