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Bleed is Vogue Villains’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Vogue Villains’ “Bleed” is a modern rock masterpiece that defies convention with innovative flair.

Bleed is Vogue Villains’ Single Out Now

This band has harnessed the essence of contemporary rock and infused it with a theatrical quality that sets them apart from the crowd.

It’s clear that these guys not only know how to play but are also unafraid to push the boundaries of their sound.

The melody in “Bleed” unfolds like a dramatic performance on a grand stage. It’s a musical journey that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with rhythmic and harmonic changes that are as surprising as they are captivating.

Vogue Villains have a unique ability to keep listeners glued to the speakers from the first note to the last. What sets Vogue Villains apart is their unmistakable sound, one that’s difficult to compare to other artists.

While there may be hints of influences like Panic at the Disco and Ghost, it’s clear that the band has a passion for experimentation and a desire to tread uncharted musical paths. They’ve crafted an intriguing brand of alternative rock.

“Bleed” is a song that leaves a lasting impression. This band is not content with the status quo; they’re on a mission to redefine what modern rock can be.

 This is a band to watch, as they produce solid music!

Bleed is Vogue Villains’ Single Out Now!


Bleed is Vogue Villains’ Single Out Now

Vogue Villains are a hard rocking alternative band with a musical foundation planted firmly in catchy melodies and multipart harmonies. The live sound? Is big, dirty and full of raw energy while also having a humorous stage presence that goes hand in hand with their tongue in cheek lyrical sensibilities.

Set on making music that feels unique, yet unafraid to wear the many influences on their sleeves, this powerhouse of a band has created a sound that is undeniably and unmistakably VV. Since debuting on Vancouver Island, Canada, they have performed all over Western Canada opening for notable rock acts We Hunt Buffalo, & Wise Youngblood as well as taking part in the ALIVE and 39 Days of July Festivals.

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