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Blondie is The Avelons’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Avelons emerge on the musical landscape with a resounding burst of energy in their latest single, “Blondie.”

Blondie is The Avelons’ Single Out Now

From the first notes, it’s clear that this band possesses a distinctive artistic vision that sets them apart in the crowded music scene.

The hallmark of The Avelons’ sound lies in their energetic sound. There’s an infectious quality to their music that immediately grabs the listener’s attention.

“Blondie” showcases not only the band’s energy but also their musical craftsmanship.

The chord progression is refined, revealing a dedication to the art of songwriting. The harmonic choices are solid, contributing to the overall sophistication of the composition.

The vocal performance in “Blondie” is passionate. The singer’s delivery adds a layer of emotive depth to the track, creating a connection between the lyrics and the listener.

There’s a modern flair to their alternative rock sound, yet within the vocal timbre, one can detect retro nuances that elevate the singer performance.

It’s evident that The Avelons have invested significant time in the rehearsal room, honing their craft to achieve an enviable musical alchemy.

The Avelons have carved a space for themselves, a space that promises continued musical innovation and a refreshing departure from the ordinary.

Blondie is The Avelons’ Single Out Now!

Cool Energy!

Blondie is The Avelons’ Single Out Now

Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, indie rock outfit The Avelons are Jack Oldham, Aaron Morrell, James Thompson and Dylan Sharp. With our fourth release ‘Sixteenth’ we closed the door on our first wave of singles, looking to develop and discover the sound that makes us stand out from the crowd.


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