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Blood Red Skies is Muzzy Hooks’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Muzzy Hooks in the past but this great artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Blood Red Skies is Muzzy Hooks’ Single Out Now

Surely this artist has a unique approach and a compositional vision out of the ordinary.

This new single reminded me of Grant Lee Buffalo in some moments and The Lumineers in others. The sound blend as usual is very interesting.

Psychedelic folk with futuristic intuition and with reverbs that literally make you wander among the Blood Red Skies.

The atmosphere created by this Muzzy Hooks’ tune is intriguing and intense. This artist is very talented and is able to remove every filter and tell true emotions.

The lyrics are fantastic and the production is flawless. An oneiric sound that lives in a limbo of its own.

Absolutely reconfirmed, Blood Red Skies demonstrates once again the compositional qualities of Muzzy Hooks.

Blood Red Skies is Muzzy Hooks’ Single Out Now!


Blood Red Skies is Muzzy Hooks’ Single Out Now

Blood Red Skies is about the part of a sleepless night where you start drinking yourself blind to fall asleep.

Muzzy Hooks makes music because he must. He sings it out because it can’t stay in; the wonder and joy and sun-pierced sorrow of it all. His debut album has been described as a “melting creamsicle reverie,” a “San Diego daydream,” and an “ecstatic elegy to first loves and lost summers.” Catch him at high noon at the crossroads of funk & folk, singing what needs to be sung.

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