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Bloodied Fjords is Fury of a Dying Planet’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is Fury of a Dying Planet and their single Bloodied Fjords.

Bloodied Fjords is Fury of a Dying Planet’s Single

This powerful sound immediately hooked me.

When a project marries excellent music and lyrics with a profound message then we are faced with something special.

Doug Rimington the main architect behind Fury of a Dying Planet is a very creative artist. With his music, he wants to fight the apathy of humans in the face of a world that is drifting.

The single Bloodied Fjords refers to the dolphin and whale slaughter that takes place in the Faroe Islands. An age-old tradition that, however, is creating serious problems for these species.

Mankind always has the arrogance of feeling superior and is unable to live in communion with nature. It is evident that one day the plant will rebel… in the end nature will win.

Fury of a Dying Planet is a cool project, a clear and solid artistic vision born to try to open our eyes.

An epic and original hard rock that I recommend everyone to go listen to.

Bloodied Fjords is Fury of a Dying Planet’s Single Out Now!

Epic and Deep!

Bloodied Fjords is Fury of a Dying Planet’s Single

The spark that ignited Fury of a Dying Planet, came after Doug Rimington watched the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. With the music already down in demo form, in one week, he wrote the lyrics and recorded vocal melodies for all 6 songs, ready for the right voice to add the final touch.

Doug, a London based musician and producer, took a break from recording the 2nd album of prog metal band, Heart Through Sacrifice, and let his passion for the environment flow to write 6 tracks filled with heavy guitars, battering drums, electronics and powerful lyrics pushed by melodic rock vocals, courtesy of Paul Brigstock (Black Light Vice).

The lead single from the album entitled ‘Bloodied Fjords is out now and acts as the perfect introduction to the power and pace of FoaDP, beginning with ambient tapping bass lines and the ominous lyrics, ‘Blood in the water, choking sand, I cannot breathe’ symbolizing the plight of the dolphin pods hunted and slaughtered without mercy in the Faroe Islands.

The name of this track is a homage to the Sea Shepherd operation, Bloody Fjords. Long-time collaborator Bec Dennison of Bullet on a String was convinced to join in and she created the logo using thin lines reflecting life on the planet hanging in the balance. All music has been written, performed and produced by Doug Rimington. Session drummer, Chris Allan (https://www.chrisallandrums.com/), engineered the drums and mixed the album with mastering carried out by Justin Hill (https://www.justinpaulhill.com, Heart of a Coward, Walls of Jericho, SikTh).

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