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Blue Hexagon is Hexagon Cat’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Hexagon Cat’s “Blue Hexagon” isn’t your typical record. It’s a genre-bending journey that throws you back to the 80s with shimmering keys reminiscent of a John Carpenter score, then jolts you forward with progressive rock and avant-garde flourishes.

Blue Hexagon is Hexagon Cat’s Album Out Now

The opening track, “Ice Burst,” shines with a mysterious charm, like something out of a forgotten VHS classic.

But as the song progresses, it sheds its mystical cloak, morphing into a complex, winking to prog. “Twenty Five” takes things further, adding ethereal vocals that build on the album’s otherworldly atmosphere.

This isn’t a band afraid to forge its own path. They’re not interested in mainstream radio play, but rather in crafting something wholly unique.

The result is a collection of rich, nostalgic vibes layered with complex chord progressions and surprising arrangements.

“The Artist” stands out as a particular gem. The hypnotic arpeggios on the keys intertwine beautifully with the driving guitar and infectious drumbeat.

Shows the band’s tight musicianship, with each member contributing to a unique sonic alchemy.

Every song on “Blue Hexagon” feels solid, a carefully considered piece of the larger puzzle. It’s a refreshing discovery for listeners tired of the predictable radio formula.

Blue Hexagon is Hexagon Cat’s Album Out Now!


Blue Hexagon is Hexagon Cat’s Album Out Now

Hexagon Cat is a South Jersey-based Prog Pop band.

Jake Fuscia – keys, drums, vocals John Mosley – guitar, vocals Eric Bauberger – guitar, vocals Joe Fuscia – bass, guitar Mike Britt – guitar, bass

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