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Bougie Suzie is Todd & Karen’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Todd & Karen’s new single, “Bougie Suzie,” is a very charming song.

Bougie Suzie is Todd & Karen’s Single Out Now

On the surface, it’s a playful melody that wouldn’t feel out of place on a children’s album. But beneath that sunny exterior, I felt something unsettling, a darkness that lingers under the cheerful facade.

Imagine a sunny day, a seemingly idyllic setting… think of the ice cream truck slowly cruising the neighborhood, its cheerful melody masking a sinister intent.

Or the painted smile of a clown, a symbol of childhood joy twisted into something unsettling.

There’s a hidden something more within “Bougie Suzie,” a world that Todd & Karen invite listeners to explore…or maybe this is just in my head, but that is what I like about their sound. Their music seems to have inside a secret coded message.

I liked also the video. We see them creating the song in their home studio, a comfortable domestic scene but they decided to make it black and white. Also the cover is brilliant ­čÖé

“Bougie Suzie” is an experience. It’s a playful melody with a mysterious undercurrent, a reminder that sometimes the most beautiful things can hide the darkest secrets.

For those seeking music that challenges and surprises, Todd & Karen are a duo to watch.

Bougie Suzie is Todd & Karen’s Single Out Now!


The song is part of a larger song cycle that we started mapping out when starting the project. The idea was to have a universe to write stories from. As time has gone on the concept has gotten somewhat looser, but this one harks back to that. Attentive listeners will hear a nod to our debut single “Mr. Beardsley” in this one.

Todd & Karen is a Norwegian-Irish/Swiss indie pop duo focusing on melody and storytelling in their music. We are a duo who found each other across three musical heritages, sharing a love of the British pop tradition, but also bringing in elements of Norwegian, Irish and Swiss music.

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