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Boundary Layer – Radio Remix is Mark Winters’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Mark Winters gives a new dress to one of his songs Boundary Layer giving it a fresher and modern arrangement.

Boundary Layer – Radio Remix is Mark Winters’ Single Out Now

I had listened to the version of this song in the past and seeing how this artist managed to transform it by changing some details is fascinating.

In general, Boundary Layer Radio Remix makes it sound brighter. I also noticed a more generous reverb which gives the tune much more airiness.

Even the equalization seems to have given more prominence to the medium and high frequencies and the result is excellent in my opinion.

The song had already convinced me the first time I listened to it but I have to say that this new version adds a touch of sophistication.

The musical product is absolutely professional. Mark Winters’ determination is contagious and his attention to detail inspires other artists as well.

Boundary Layer – Radio Remix is Mark Winters’ Single Out Now!

Great Remix!

Radio remix takes a more aerodynamic approach to Mark’s popular title track Boundary Layer, adding percussion elements, a tighter bridge, and some fun harmonies to sing along with.

Our fans love Boundary Layer live, and we have incorporated many of the live performance elements into this radio remix. The harmonies are something we plan to do more often in future songs.

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