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Boxes Of Candles is The Great Depression’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Great Depression, with their single “Boxes Of Candles” included in the album “We Could Be Changed,” offers more than just music; it’s an immersive experience.

Boxes Of Candles is The Great Depression’s Single Out Now

The entire album is a captivating journey that transcends traditional musical boundaries, leaving a profound impression.

What stands out prominently in their music is the ethereal and psychedelic atmosphere that envelops their songs.

It’s a futuristic compositional approach, and their meticulous choice of sound serves as a testament to their artistic vision.

The overall ambiance is tinged with nostalgia, and the arrangements are executed with top-notch precision.

“Boxes Of Candles” is a particularly introspective piece, with chord progressions and melodies that create a sense of beautiful instability.

Listening to it is like being transported to another universe, where emotions and reflections come to life in the form of music. The Great Depression’s ability to evoke such a strong emotional response shows their compositional skills.

This music speaks directly to the soul, transcending language and barriers. With “Boxes Of Candles,” the listener can close their eyes and embark on a journey through unknown planets in distant galaxies.

The experience is both magical and grounding, offering a unique perspective on the universe.

The Great Depression consistently delivers high-quality music that transcends genres and expectations.

It’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the depths of their sonic landscapes, and I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone takes the time to listen and explore their captivating musical universe.

Boxes Of Candles is The Great Depression’s Single Out Now!


Boxes Of Candles is The Great Depression’s Single Out Now

The Great Depression is a longstanding recording collective — a revolving group of Gen X writers, composers, producers, and engineers hailing from Minneapolis and the deep woods of Wisconsin. Once described as “a literary high,” they debuted their unique brand of dystopian dream pop in 2003 with the much-loved album Unconscious Pilot, released by the infamous Fire Records of London. They followed up with Preaching to the Fire, a subversive call for art in the face of an all consuming, corporate future. The album also received widespread international acclaim.

Their latest album, We Could Be Changed, goes beyond the usual Gen X cynicism and is instead a heartfelt attempt to keep love alive during those apocalyptic days of suspicion, paranoia, and isolation.

At the beginning of the worldwide lockdown, with all their fears coming into focus, they decided to reconvene remotely and address the bleak feeling that permeated the planet while also attempting to find some beauty therein. The result is this new album, a deeply emotional slow burn that chronicles the dissolution of a romantic relationship as well as life as we once knew it. The record ultimately ends with a feeling of hope and the heat-felt desire to keep the dream alive.


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