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Brains is Katja Macabre’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Katja Macabre’s single “Brains” is a sonic powerhouse that exudes solid and entertaining sounds, capturing the essence of wild energy and irreverence that defines the sacred fire of rock.

Brains is Katja Macabre’s Single Out Now

The artist fearlessly forges ahead with an uncompromising artistic vision, infusing her music with a boldness that sets her apart.

Katja Macabre’s voice, hoarse and energetic, becomes the driving force behind the passionate and intense performance delivered in “Brains.”

The single shows the artist’s commitment to her musical identity, refusing to conform and embracing the untamed spirit of rock.

“Brains” is a modern hard rock anthem where top-notch arrangements meet infectious rhythm. The chord progression and dynamics are meticulously crafted, ensuring that listeners remain glued to the speakers from the opening riff to the final note.

This incredible artist leaves an indelible mark with “Brains,” and her fearlessness in pushing boundaries makes her a standout in the contemporary rock scene.

Brains is Katja Macabre’s Single Out Now!


Katja Macabre is a bisexual, ‘bitch rock’ artist, who makes angry, feminist metal for the girls, gays and theys. She combines elements of punk, rock, rap, and metal to create her signature ‘angry girl’ sound.

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