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Breaking the Man is Tuskhead’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Tuskhead’s single “Breaking the Man” showcases the talent of this songwriter. The song embodies the deep and sincere spirit of Americana, delivering a heartfelt and genuine musical experience.

Breaking the Man is Tuskhead’s Single Out Now

The vocal performance by Patrick van Zandwijk, known as Tuskhead, is intense.

When he sings, you can’t help but believe in the words he’s conveying. His emotive delivery brings the lyrics to life, allowing the listener to connect with the song on a profound level.

One standout aspect of “Breaking the Man” is the mix. It skillfully places the voice front and center, creating an intimate atmosphere as if the artist is right there in the room with you.

This mix reinforces the authenticity of the song and enhances the emotional impact of the lyrics.

The chord progression is thoughtfully crafted, demonstrating Tuskhead’s songwriting skills. The dynamics and narrative of the track keep the listener engaged and entertained from the very beginning to the final note.

Tuskhead has crafted a song that leaves a lasting impression with its authenticity and depth. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates heartfelt and sincere music.

Breaking the Man is Tuskhead’s Single Out Now!


Breaking the Man is Tuskhead’s Single Out Now

Patrick van Zandwijk, the creative force known as TuskHead, has been making waves in the music scene. Picture this: two chart-topping hits in the Gelderse Top 20 of 2022 in The Netherlands (courtesy of 3 Voor 12 Gelderland), a coveted spot on Spotify’s ‘Route Americana’ playlist, and an endorsement deal with the prestigious Vintage Guitars in the bag since 2023. The world is taking notice of his musical prowess.

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