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Brian Eno In Heaven is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
John Beckmann, the driving force behind the Mortal Prophets, is back with another enigmatic offering – the “Brian Eno in Heaven” EP.

Brian Eno In Heaven is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

This short collection is a descent into a world unsettling and strangely alluring.

The opening track, “Drowned Lands,” is a slow burn, a bluesy dirge that feels like a journey through murky swamps.  A desperate plea was swallowed by the thick atmosphere.

“Mesmer on Holiday” throws a curveball. The intro is a haunting melody, a siren call that draws you in before twisting into something darker.

The production here is top-notch, with layers of instrumentation that create a sense of unease and wonder in equal measure.

One of the defining characteristics of the Mortal Prophets is their ability to balance darkness with a strange beauty.

This EP is full of moments that teeter on the edge – the sinister charm of “Mesmer on Holiday,” and the whispered enigmatic atmosphere of “Swimming with Witches,” the unique touch of “Fraulein Anna Sprengel.”

These are songs for the nocturnal explorers, those who find solace in the shadows.

The closing track, “Brian Eno in Heaven,” offers a flicker of hope. The melody remains hypnotic, but there’s a lightness to it, a sense of weightlessness as if carried by clouds. It’s a fitting end to this short but impactful journey.

“Brian Eno in Heaven” is a dark and captivating listen. It’s a work that demands repeated exploration.

Brian Eno In Heaven is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now!


Brian Eno In Heaven is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

In the words of sculptor David Smith, “My reality… is not one thing; it is a chain of interlocking visions.” This sentiment resonates deeply with John Beckmann, a quintessential downtown New York artist whose boundless creativity has manifested in a chameleon-like array of solo projects and collaborations with his band, the Mortal Prophets.

Beckmann’s artistic journey is as mercurial as it is expansive, spanning from early bluesinfused electronic experiments to what he terms “Imaginary Cinema” in his cosmic cowboythemed venture, “The Twang Gang [Live in Berlin]” Most recently, he delved into the realm of haunting orchestration with “Hanussen: The Enigmatic Clairvoyant,” a work that pays homage to the composer György Ligeti while carving its path of enigmatic allure.

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