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Broken (feat Lux Alma) is Tanoki’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I have reviewed Tanoki’s music before but this time the talented producer has collaborated with a fantastic artist Lux Alma who wrote this new single titled Broken.

Broken (feat Lux Alma) is Tanoki’s Single Out Now

The collaboration went wonderfully. Tanoki’s futuristic and electronic vision perfectly marries Alma’s avant-garde approach.

In some moments the vocal interpretation and the melodic line reminded me of artists like Bjork.

Also interesting is the approach of the lyrics that show us the other side of the coin. Those who leave become protagonists and not those who are left behind.

Tanoki’s production is superlative as he proposed qualitatively refined and at the same time visionary musical arrangements.

There is a particular artistic connection between these two artists and the result is a truly intriguing tune.

Broken (feat Lux Alma) is Tanoki’s Single Out Now!


Broken (feat Lux Alma) is Tanoki’s Single Out Now

Alma, is an award-winning composer, musician, and sound designer. She has performed as musical director and performer with the hit show RIOT by thisispopbaby and has also sung for several artists including Villagers, The Coronas, Sorcha Richardson, AE Mak and Roisin O, Moncreiff.

Paul: is a Kilkenny-based songwriter, producer, and visual artist. His music weaves the line between electro, trip-hop and funk with cinematic and jazz elements.

Lyrics; Written and performed by Alma, showcases her raw talent and emotive delivery, drawing listeners into the deeply personal lyrics and captivating melody. The song’s honest and relatable themes are sure to resonate with audiences everywhere.

Alma: Often songs are about “the one who got away” but this one is from the opposite perspective – about being that one that got away. It’s about being thankful for the lessons you learn the hard way and being ready to move on.

Paul: Other than my initial sketch, I had zero input lyrically, I just love seeing where another artist wants to go with what I’ve started. The process is such a journey.

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