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Broken String is NeverUnder’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
NeverUnder’s album “Broken String” immediately captures attention with its raw and nostalgic sound, heavily influenced by the vibes of the 90s.

Broken String is NeverUnder’s Album Out Now

The passionate vocal performance of the singer adds a layer of intensity, making the music sincere, direct, and free from any musical constraints.

The band’s commitment to a genuine and unfiltered musical approach is evident.

Their sound isn’t crafted through beats and computers; instead, it exudes the authenticity of blood, sweat, and a desire to stimulate the wild side of their audience.

NeverUnder presents a musical landscape that is sincere, impactful, and unapologetically real.

“Broken String” stands out as a great album, showcasing the band’s dedication and enviable musical alchemy.

Look at Me and Buddy’s a Dud are great tunes but my favorite track is “After I Was Born,” which highlights the band’s dynamic range.

The song expertly empties in the verses, creating a sense of anticipation before exploding into powerful choruses…anyway, all the songs on the album are solid.

NeverUnder is a band that goes beyond just creating music; they have a powerful and wild message to convey.

Broken String is NeverUnder’s Album Out Now!

Intense Sound!

NeverUnder is a rock band founded and led by singer-songwriter Noah Roovers. UK-London based, they are very present on the British and Scottish live scene.

“So far, our yet independent music has never failed to please our audience, except for that time we played in a posh London pub…”

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