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Bull in a China Shop is Atomic Bronco’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The much-awaited full album of Atomic Bronco is finally here.

Bull in a China Shop is Atomic Bronco’s Album Out Now

A complete experience in the universe of rock is guaranteed.

With this album, he lays a solid brick at the foundations of his artistic approach. When you listen to an artist’s full album you can better understand his vision and a little more about his soul.

The grunge influences are reconfirmed. Pure rock-style tunes are interspersed with more introspective songs like Fly Away which I had already talked about in the past.

The album starts strong with 3 direct and energetic tracks Default Settings, Get You Off My Mind, and Let it Go then begins an up and down of emotions that highlight the kaleidoscopic personality of Atomic Bronco.

The album cover is awesome the drawing style reminded me of Dookie by Green Day. Atomic Bronco’s production and vocal and musical interpretation are outstanding.

Listen to the album all the way because it closes with a beautiful acoustic ballad “Along With Me” that has some magical Simon & Garfunkel vibes in it.

10 out of 10!

Bull in a China Shop is Atomic Bronco’s Album Out Now!


Bull in a China Shop is Atomic Bronco’s Album Out Now

Atomic Bronco is a cutting-edge indie/alt rock act hailing from Austin, Texas, with a distinctive retro flair. Spearheaded by producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss, the one man band blends a unique fusion of indie, alternative, garage rock, lo-fi, and classic rock, forging an electrifying sound that defies categorization.

Having teased the release of his new project with several singles in the last year, the DIY artist is now ready to present the full-length album ‘Bull in a China Shop’. The 11-track project features infectious melodies and anthemic choruses, and strikes the perfect balance between high-energy headbangers and soft introspective offerings with thoughtful lyricism.

The new album includes Atomic Bronco’s 2022 single ‘Get You Off My Mind’, a track that sonically captures what his music is all about. Speaking about the meaning behind the song, Atomic Bronco shared, “It’s about being so obsessed with someone that it’s debilitating, and knowing that you need to move on for everyone’s benefit, but not being able to.”

With previous support from Record of the Day, Plastic Mag and V13, Atomic Bronco is already garnering the attention of acclaimed publications in the rock scene and is poised to continue making waves in the industry with each release

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