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Bullyboy is Stage Door Guy’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Stage Door Guy’s single “Bullyboy” offers a theatrical interpretational approach that immediately captures attention. The haunting rhythm cadence contributes to the song’s intensity, creating a unique auditory experience.

Bullyboy is Stage Door Guy’s Single Out Now

The singer’s delivery is particularly noteworthy, carrying a modern noir vibe that adds a contemporary edge to the overall sound.

The irreverent and direct lyrics enhance the song’s character, providing a sense of authenticity and raw emotion.

The well-thought-out song construction is evident, and the strategic change in rhythm after the two-minute mark adds a surprising twist.

This shift towards a Balkan atmosphere adds depth to the composition, creating a dynamic and engaging sonic experience that leads toward a grand finale.

The musicians behind Stage Door Guy showcase their considerable music experience, evident in the skillful execution and innovative elements woven into the song.

The “grotesque circus” vibes created by their music contribute to the uniqueness of their sound, establishing a distinct identity for the band.

Bullyboy is Stage Door Guy’s Single Out Now!


Formed in New Orleans via Manchester and London Stage Door Guy have songs of love, loss and living in this atomised world. They have played Mardi Gras in New Orleans and festivals and venues across the UK. Legend has it that Mancunian actor, writer and performer, Adam Brody met guitarist CJ Williams in New Orleans on the last day of Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) as the Police were sweeping up the streets and they were playing their first gig together in the Crescent City on Ash Wednesday at the infamous Buffas lounge.

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