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Burning Bridges is Dial Drive’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the tumultuous realm of punk rock, where authenticity and raw energy are currency, Dial Drive storms onto the scene with their album “Burning Bridge.”

Burning Bridges is Dial Drive’s Album Out Now

Their music is a blazing testament to unfiltered sincerity, a sonic assault devoid of pretense or frills. It’s a sonic eruption where the distortion-laden sound crashes over you like a relentless avalanche.

What sets Dial Drive apart is their unabashed energy. Their punk rock is a force of nature, an unapologetic wave that engulfs the listener with unrelenting fervor.

But it’s not just chaos; it’s controlled chaos. The precision of the drums is enviable. Each beat is delivered with unwavering accuracy, providing the foundation upon which the album’s rhythmic heart is built.

It’s a relentless pulse that keeps the songs charging forward with unyielding intensity.

Dial Drive’s clarity of vision is undeniable. Their compositional approach is both modern and robust.

“Burning Bridge” is a declaration of their intent, an uncompromising statement of purpose that leaves no room for ambiguity.

They are a band that deserves to be on every music lover’s radar, a hidden gem producing high-quality, unapologetic punk rock.

With this album, Dial Drive ignites a fiery bridge to the heart of punk rock, inviting the listener to cross over and join in the relentless sonic maelstrom.

Burning Bridges is Dial Drive’s Album Out Now!


Burning Bridges is Dial Drive’s Album Out Now

“Burning Bridges” is the long-awaited second album from Orlando, FL punk rockers, Dial Drive. The second full length released by the band (following their 2019 album “Wasted Time”, this is a dynamic release that showcases their broad line of influences from genres under the Alternative and Punk genres.

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