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Can’t Write About Today is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
another intense song from an artist who never ceases to inspire.

Can’t Write About Today is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

In some moments the harmonic progression of this track made me think of Sir Elton John.

This tune shows the compositional abilities of Matt DeAngelis.

Can’t Write About Today is so sophisticatedly beautiful that it manages to move you with exactly with the same intensity as the songs of the legendary English artist.

A song with a deep message that makes you feel the impotence of being able to do something about the bad things happening around the world but at the same time is a track that does not want to extinguish hope.

A heartfelt song… and right from the heart humankind must start again to create a better future without always running into the mistakes of the past.

Can’t Write About Today is truly a masterpiece.

Can’t Write About Today is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now!


Can’t Write About Today is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

“This song was written as an expression of the unrest in the world, whose inception began during the pandemic, but has continued to manifest as uncontrolled gun violence, war, and strife among mankind. Even the weather has become more frequently violent–another sign of the times. During one of my all time lows, mentally speaking, I express my utter grief at not being able to even write about these happenings, much less think about tomorrow, and realize that only the Lord can save us from the wrong mindset we are taking as a human race. I ultimately believe in hope for the future, that we will come together as a race, overcome our differences, live in peace, become responsible stewards of our planet.”

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