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Can’t You Hear Me is Metrophobia’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Metrophobia’s album “Can’t You Hear Me” offers a captivating journey into the musical world of this talented duo, and it’s an experience that is both refined and nostalgic.

Can’t You Hear Me is Metrophobia’s Album Out Now

Their music has a unique ability to evoke strong emotions, creating a deep and meaningful connection with the listener.

One of the standout qualities of Metrophobia is the palpable passion they bring to their music. Their dedication and determination are evident in every note, and it’s clear that they pour their hearts and souls into crafting each musical piece.

This commitment to their craft shines through, resulting in optimal musical products that resonate deeply with the audience.

The album’s general sound, with its 90s vibes, is particularly appealing. It manages to capture the essence of that era without feeling dated, offering a sense of nostalgia that is both comforting and fresh.

Metrophobia’s ability to infuse this retro feel with a contemporary touch is fantastic.

Each track on “Can’t You Hear Me” is solid, consistent, and intense, maintaining a high level of quality throughout the album. This consistency adds to the overall cohesiveness of the record and ensures that the listener is engaged from start to finish.

“Can’t You Hear Me” is a musical journey that reflects their passion, determination, and talent. If you’re looking for an album that combines refined and nostalgic elements with a contemporary twist, this is a must-listen.

Can’t You Hear Me is Metrophobia’s Album Out Now!


Can’t You Hear Me is Metrophobia’s Album Out Now

Metrophobia is back with their explosive second album, “Can’t You Hear Me.” With a fusion of high-energy pop and a hint of grunge-infused alternative rock, this album is set to rock your world.

The Swiss duo indie/alternative songs have rock solid roots, with sweet and light melodies, leaving an aftertaste of bands like Pixies, Teenage Fanclub, Bivouac, Dinosaur Jr, Catherine Wheel, Ride. We even find some reminiscence of the early Lo-Fi scene.

Markus Gmür : vocals, acoustic guitar, José Garrido : guitar, bass, drums programming


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