Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Captive is Fury of a Dying Planet's Single Out Now
Captive is Fury of a Dying Planet’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Fury of a Dying Planet isn’t messing around with their new single, “Captive.”

Captive is Fury of a Dying Planet’s Single Out Now

This track hits you like a metaphorical fist, an intense wave of sound that’s more controlled power than chaotic noise.

The band’s message is clear: humanity, with its arrogance, is the most dangerous animal on Earth. “Captive” serves as a wake-up call, an alarm blaring to rouse us from complacency.

But it’s not just about raw power. Fury of a Dying Planet’s technical skill and musicianship shine through. The song is a tightly wound beast, precise and solid, guaranteed to get your head banging from start to finish.

The band’s rhythmic and harmonic intuition is impressive, with subtle hints of System of a Down and Alice in Chains peeking through, especially in the choral sections.

And that final scream? It’s not just an ending; it’s a call to action, urging you to hit replay and dive back into the sonic maelstrom.

 If you’re looking for intense and intelligent music, look no further than Fury of a Dying Planet.

Captive is Fury of a Dying Planet’s Single Out Now!


Captive is Fury of a Dying Planet’s Single Out Now

Fury of a Dying Planet came to life after Doug Rimington watched the Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy. He took some demos he had written earlier, added a dose of rage and some hard hitting eco-minded lyrics and punched out 6 tracks filled with prog tinged metal, layers of melody and enough hooks to keep the listener paying attention. A voice was still needed and Doug was fortunate enough to be introduced to Paul Brigstock (Blacklight Vice) by session drummer Chris Allan.
Artist and friend, Bec Dennison of Bullet on a String, was also keen to join in. She designed the main logo to reflect fading life on the planet and created a trilogy of 80’s horror themed posters for the first 3 singles which can be seen in the concept art below as novels in the likes of Stephen King.

Speaking on this latest release, Doug explains, ‘Humans are meant to be the superior beings on this planet, if that is true, then why do we still inflict suffering on animals for our benefit? What right do we have?’.

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