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Carousel is Ivan Beecroft’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ivan Beecroft’s single, “Carousel,” offers a refreshing dive into classic rock vibes, channeling the spirit of 80s rock with a raw and unfiltered approach.

Carousel is Ivan Beecroft’s Single Out Now

The guitar-driven sound, reminiscent of that era, comes with a no-strings-attached attitude, providing a nostalgic yet contemporary experience.

The vocal delivery, at times reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne. Beecroft’s voice becomes a powerful instrument that complements the guitar-driven rock, creating a dynamic and engaging sonic experience.

“Carousel” shows Beecroft’s awakened artistic vision. The lyrics and the overall intensity of the song serve as a warning about the complexities of modern society.

The artist doesn’t shy away from addressing pertinent issues, reflecting a depth of thought and a desire to provoke contemplation.

The production quality of the single is noteworthy, capturing the essence of classic rock while maintaining a contemporary edge.

The accompanying video is a creative and raw visual representation that enhances the intensity of the lyrics.

The immersive experience, lyrically and visually, draws parallels to the impactful storytelling found in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” creating a profound and thought-provoking atmosphere.

With classic rock influences and a contemporary twist, Ivan Beecroft is an artist worth following for those who appreciate both musical craftsmanship and thought-provoking narratives.

Carousel is Ivan Beecroft’s Single Out Now!

Awakened Artist!

Carousel is Ivan Beecroft’s Single Out Now

Ivan Beecroft songwriter/musician from Melbourne, Australia

In the last two decades Ivan Beecroft has been a major contributor in Melbourne’s thriving underground music scene. He was very fortunate to be around when grunge took off in the 90s and when St Kilda’s underground music scene was at its peak, with artists such as Tex Perkins (Beasts of Bourbon,The Cruel Sea), Paul Hester (Crowded House), Sean Kelly (The Models) and many more having commercial success at the time. Living around so many of Melbourne’s creative musicians at that particular time left a lasting impression on Ivan as an artist and profoundly changed his approach to writing music.

The personal insight into Melbourne’s underground scene obtained by associating with artists such as Sean Kelly has greatly inspired Ivan’s songwriting. Perspective gained from reading the works of John Steinbeck, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, combined with the experience of feeling disenfranchised in his working life and identifying with being an outsider in the music industry, allow Ivan to imaginatively express the mood of the times.


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