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Cartoons is Wild Tibetan Monks’ New Video Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed the Wild Tibetan Monks in the past but they are out with a new video for their single Cartoons and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Another great song & video from this talented band.

Their style is unique and immediately recognizable.
In my opinion Cartoons’ video is absolutely perfect, a mix of modern and past that impeccably describes the vibes of the sound of this talented band.

This band in fact has a modern approach but you can feel that it draws heavily from the rock of the past and the guitar solo around 3.40 minutes makes us understand how the love for classic rock is an integral part of the sound of this band.

These guys have managed to create their own style and thay have a clear musical identity.
Well done!

Cartoons is Wild Tibetan Monks’ Single Out Now!

Great Music As Always!


Three-piece indie-rock band Wild Tibetan Monks release a music video for their breakthrough single, “Cartoons”. With incredible animation and visual detail, the music video creatively weaves old cartoons into a futuristic 3D world. The story follows the hero’s journey as he tries to escape the old cartoons, as they haunt him with painful memories of the past.

Animator Ciaran Casey (Wilsain Media) says, “I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and really do something unforgettable. The band wanted me to utilise old cartoons in the video, and my first thought was to put them on screen in a 3D environment.” He goes on to say, “This took a month to create, I wanted the visuals to be just as good and unique as the band’s sound.”

The music video is the perfect visual for the song, which explores the pressures of modern life, and wonders if the things we are expected to do will actually make us happy. With wailing guitars and thoughtful lyrics, the band plays with tension and release. The song incites a feeling of nostalgia and longing to go back to a simpler time, of sitting with someone and watching cartoons.

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