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Casino Wilderness Period is Sacha Mullin’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sacha Mullin’s album “Casino Wilderness Period” is a musical journey that immediately captivates with the artist’s distinct vocal tone and unique performance.

Casino Wilderness Period is Sacha Mullin’s Album Out Now

His voice stands as a trademark of his sound, exuding an unparalleled uniqueness and recognizability that is truly extraordinary.

Mullin’s compositional style is a refined work of art, defying easy categorization or labeling. Within his music, you’ll discover subtle hints of Prog, Jazz, and Soul all seamlessly blended together to create an intricate and intriguing musical universe.

His ability to weave these diverse influences into a cohesive and compelling sound speaks to his artistic ingenuity and his capacity to navigate multiple musical realms.

One of the standout features of Sacha Mullin’s music is his skillful use of falsetto, which adds a layer of intensity to his performances.

Indeed, Sacha Mullin is an artist with a clear artistic vision and a wealth of compositional experience under his belt.

Among the tracks, “Window Out” stands out with its mysterious vibes, drawing the listener into an enigmatic soundscape that sparks the imagination.

On the other hand, “Thanks.” features intricate chord progressions that reveal Mullin’s compositional skills.

This album is a musical journey well worth taking, with each song offering a new facet of Sacha Mullin’s creative brilliance.

Casino Wilderness Period is Sacha Mullin’s Album Out Now!


Casino Wilderness Period is Sacha Mullin’s Album Out Now

Sacha Mullin is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter noted for his “commanding yet vulnerable” singing style, wide vocal range, and jazzy, intense, and ethereal compositions. Critics have often summoned names like David Sylvian and Jeff Buckley, but Sacha comes more directly from the “schools” of Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Yoko Kanno, and Sugababes.

His solo albums (2013’s Whelm and 2017’s Duplex) have received high praise from the likes of BBC Radio 6, WBEZ’s Vocalo, The Deli, The Big Takeover, and The Wire — who compared Sacha’s progressive turn at pop music to an “Alpine hike [in an otherwise flat landscape].”

Moreover, the Chicago Reader has been a long-standing champion of his work, over the years dubbing him an “angel”, an “alien”, “George Michael fronting Gong”, and a “vocalist extraordinaire”. In 2014, the Reader included Sacha on the cover as a doodle for their annual Pitchfork search-and-find, and in 2021, they kindly profiled him as a “Chicagoan of Note”, and in 2022, profiled his appearance at the inaugural Music Fest: Logan Square.

Sacha’s third album Casino Wilderness Period was produced by avant-rock genius Todd Rittmann, features performances from vocal luminaries Emily Bindiger, Judi Vinar, Annmarie Cullen, and Mem Nahadr, and was released November 3rd, 2023 on Dog & Pony Records in collaboration with Dipterid Records.

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