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Cemetery Days is Kwolek’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Kwolek’s single “Cemetery Days” presents a charming and avant-garde musical journey that defies traditional genre boundaries.

Cemetery Days is Kwolek’s New Single

His innovative sound blends elements of ethereal, alternative rock, and pop with psychedelic nuances, creating a distinctive sonic landscape.

One notable aspect of the composition is the deliberate mixing of the vocals, which are kept low in the mix to blend with the music, enhancing the overall atmospheric quality of the tune.

The incorporation of numerous effects adds a futuristic flair, contributing to the song’s unique identity.

Kwolek’s compositional approach is visionary and innovative, evident in the twilight atmosphere evoked by “Cemetery Days.”

The masterfully crafted chord progressions and dynamics add charm to the song, drawing the listener into its immersive world.

The highlight of the track is the mesmerizing guitar solo, reminiscent of the experimental sounds pioneered by artists like Tom Morello.

“Thampoline,” with its uplifting vibes, showcases Kwolek’s ability to navigate diverse musical territories while maintaining a distinct artistic vision.

“Cemetery Days” shows Kwolek’s talent and creativity as an artist. His ability to push musical boundaries and create his own unique musical limbo marks him as an artist to follow carefully.

Cemetery Days is Kwolek’s New Single!


Kwolek makes music in a small apartment in Boulder, CO.

I’ve been writing in third-person, stories of lost people discovering themselves, exploring proclivities, dancing wildly… “Cemetery Days” features two misfit teens awash in the glorious pretense of youth making art and hanging out in graveyards. The b-side, “Trampoline” is a bouncy bop of drum machines, wobbly synth bass and squawky guitars with impressionistic lyrics alluding to our digital selves and what we give up when we get down online.

Kwolek attempts to ensure that no two bars of any song are exactly the same – that everything is in constant flux and evolution. His earliest memory is of feeling frisson from music, and he has been on a quest to capture those chills ever since. He believes in the power of music to perhaps change the world, or at least to heal, something that is absolutely essential in these trying times.

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