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Change Your Mind is Wexford’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Wexford’s latest single, “Change Your Mind,” crashes into your ears like an avalanche of sound.

Change Your Mind is Wexford’s Single Out Now

From the moment the intense distorted guitars kick in, supported by a relentless rhythm section, you’re swept up in a whirlwind of sonic energy.

The drummer pounds on the drums with the precision of a blacksmith, while the bass follows like a shadow, creating a solid foundation upon which the rest of the song can thrive.

This tight-knit structure provides the perfect backdrop for Wexford to unleash their musical talent.

One of the standout elements of “Change Your Mind” is the vocal performance. The vocalist’s tone is intriguing and instantly recognizable, adding a layer of depth to the already powerful instrumentation.

With hints of grunge vibes reminiscent of the ’90s punk rock scene, Wexford manages to carve out their own unique sound while paying homage to their musical influences.

 There’s a sense of alchemy at play here, these guys can play…and when they play together they are solid like a tank.

Change Your Mind is Wexford’s Single Out Now!


Wexford hails from Sandusky, Ohio. With a sound that blends alternative, punk, and post-hardcore influences, their music is characterized by driving rhythms, intricate guitar work, and raw, emotive vocals.

Dave Mueller – Vox, Guitar
Andy Kohlmann – Vox, Guitar
Shawn Daley – Bass, Keys
Jeff Vandebussche – Drums

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