Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Chosen By The Gods is MIDJUNGARDS' Single & Video Out Now
Chosen By The Gods is MIDJUNGARDS’ Single & Video Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the first frost-rimed riff of “Chosen By The Gods,” MIDJUNGARDS unleash a sonic blizzard that transports you to the heart of the Nordic wilderness.

Chosen By The Gods is MIDJUNGARDS’ Single & Video Out Now

This isn’t music for the faint of heart; it’s a raw, primal assault that celebrates the savage beauty of the North.

The band’s sound is as clear and unforgiving as a Scandinavian winter. Guitars bite like icy winds, drums pound like frozen waves against the shore, and the bass rumbles with the tremors of ancient mountains.

It’s a sound honed in countless rehearsal rooms, each note dripping with sweat and dedication.

But MIDJUNGARDS are more than just sonic berserkers. Their music throbs with an epic soul, drawing inspiration from warriors’ sagas and frost-kissed landscapes.

Vocalist Toni Cano embodies this duality perfectly, his voice a guttural roar that chills you to the bone, yet somehow evokes a deep, ancestral pride.

There’s a hint of Lemmy Kilmister’s gravelly snarl in his delivery, mixed with the haunting black metal rasp of Burzum. It’s a unique and chilling vocal cocktail that perfectly complements the band’s instrumentation.

The lyrics themselves are another testament to MIDJUNGARDS’ commitment to their chosen theme. They sing of battles won and battles lost, of gods and heroes, of the unforgiving embrace of the North.

Each word drips with a mythic grandeur, transporting you to a world of fire and ice, of honor and sacrifice.

“Chosen By The Gods” is standing atop a windswept peak, the icy air tearing at your lungs, the vastness of the frozen world spread out before you. It’s the pulse of ancient blood in your veins, the whisper of forgotten gods in your ear.

If you crave music that’s raw, epic, and unapologetically Nordic, then MIDJUNGARDS are your new blood brothers. So raise your horns, crank up the volume, and let MIDJUNGARDS transport you to the frozen paradise of their songs.

Chosen By The Gods is MIDJUNGARDS’ Single & Video Out Now!

Raw and Intense!

Chosen By The Gods is MIDJUNGARDS’ Single & Video Out Now


Toni Cano – vocals, bass and guitars
Murilo Messer – lead guitar
Mikko Jaakola – drums

MIDJUNGARDS was formed in 2006. Toni Cano developed the concept of the band over the years, close to the amazing history of the historical goths. Toni learned the historical goth language and get very deep into their long history to get all the inspiration needed.

With the help of the ex-drummer of ?Parking Fox? Paco Muñoz. Toni recorded the debut album “From Scandza” at Finnvox studios, with the release on March 2023.

The debut album was well received by fans and press. MIDJUNGARDS toured after the release in Finland and Estonia, in Spain and played at the great festival ?Rock Imperium? in Cartagena.

MIDJUNGARDS second album “When Empires Fall” offers a blend of melodic Thrash Death Metal with lyrics inspired in the classic and medieval world or the historical goths.




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