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Chris Pidsley New Single Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
We already reviewed the music of Chris Pidsley in the past but this talented artist is out now with a new single and I want to share my thoughts about it.

I always like the atmosphere that this artist is able to create.

His music puts you in a good mood and manages to take your bad thoughts away and you feel the taste of summer in your mouth.

Alex’s House is another beautiful song composed by this eclectic artist.

An engaging rhythm, easygoing lyrics, and a catchy melody. All the ingredients are there for the perfect recipe of a great pop-rock song.

In this song, I also heard a veil of melancholy, time passing and memories of good times that are yellowing in a drawer.

The hope though is that we have lived those moments and now they are indelible in our hearts.

Another beautiful song proposed by Chris Pidsley that I recommend everyone to listen to.

Alex’s House is Chris Pidsley’s Single Out Now!

Song that puts you in a good mood!


Quote: “This is a departure for me from usually acoustic tracks. It’s an all in Indie Pop bop with a great guitar melody and an old-school solo in the middle. It’s a fun one that you can sing along to and dance around to.

Written for my friend Alex it’s filled with fun lyrics and even has her name hidden in the chorus!”.

Find Chris Pidsley Here:


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